Baby Care

THE FINEST & PUREST ALL-NATURAL FOOD-GRADE INGREDIENTS - We use only the purest natural premium food-grade ingredients. All oils are extra-virgin and cold-pressed. All products are carefully formulated and all ingredients are meticulously researched, tested and carefully chosen for their long history of safe and beneficial use.

NANNA’S OWN ORIGINAL RECIPES - All formulations are authentic and original. The colours, fragrances and textures of the product are from the ingredients themselves. No additives, added fragrances, colours, fillers, texturisers. Formulated to be perfectly gentle on baby, sensitive and fine skins.

HANDCRAFTED ON THE FAMILY FARM - All products continue to be handcrafted on our very own 100% green energy farm by the family itself. All ingredients are sourced from local suppliers we know and trust.

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