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Tea Tree Remedy🌿

An all-natural balm that soothes and protects problem skin. It combines the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of organic tea tree with the anti-inflammatory effects of castor oil and the moisturizing action of extra-virgin cold-pressed acadamia oil. It's wonderful for minor scrapes, cuts, bruises, insect bites, and... nappy rash!

Tea Tree Remedy
Calendula Remedy & Tea Tree Remedy

Need Some Skin-spiration?

Our Calendula Remedy and Tea Tree Remedy are some of our most popular products for good reason. Calendula Remedy is perfect for calming inflamed or irritated areas. Tea Tree Remedy is our gentle soother - perfect on skin affected by nappy rash, insect bites, scrapes, cuts and bruises.

  • Our skincare range is made from only premium food-grade oils , the highest concentration of key ingredients, purified mountain rainwater, and only the purest forms of essential oils & extracts. You can be confident that our skincare is the safest, most effective natural skincare available anywhere.

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  • Handmade in Australia
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