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Calendula Remedy | From Petal to Pot

It's our most popular product for good reason. Our Calendula Remedy is made from the finest organic Calendula petal-infused extra-virgin olive oil. Many call it a miracle balm for dry and eczema-prone skin. 100% natural and handcrafted right on our farm. Learn more....

Australian Made & Owned

Handcrafted on our Family Farm in Maleny, Queensland

What is Atopic Eczema?

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Our Range Contains ABSOLUTELY NO:

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Sustainably Made Skincare

All the energy used on our farm is 100% green solar & wind energy. The water we use is purified mountain rainwater collected on our farm itself. Nearly all of the water we use is recycled for different uses around the farm. We only use recyclable or compostoble packaging in our products, and only soy-based ink. It's our responsibility and commitment to making our skincare as sustainably as possible.


9 bulan mengandungkan si comel, kulit ibu hamil pastinya mengalami perubahan yang besar demi menyediakan ruang yang selesa untuk bayi sepanjang berada di dalam kandungan. Ibu hamil tak boleh lari dari perubahan hormon. Kulit menjadi lebih sensitif kerana nak melindungi diri ibu serta kandungan.

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I've always been a fan of Four Cow Farm products after I tried their Baby Range a few years back. And now I've been given the opportunity to try their new range:-  Family Range & Mother's All-Natural Range!Now let me refresh your memory on who is Four Cow Farm.

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Shu-Yin's Sanctuary

Love, love, love my Mother's All-Natural Skincare range from Four Cow Farm Australia! I love knowing that it's 100% natural, organic and made with only food-grade ingredients meaning it's totally safe for baby and me (no chemicals or fragrances so safe for baby's system).

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Yasmin Hani Richardson (Actor)

As busy as I am with 4 kiddos, home cooking, taking care of hubby's administration site of the business and swamped up with managing my FB page and blog, I just can't say no to reviewing products that either myself and/or my family can use...

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I'm a full-time mummy

Kebiasaannya ibu ayah akan mula survey dan beli kelengkapan bayi, sejak bayi masih lagi di dalam kandungan. Percaya tak kalau kami cakap, proses survey tue lebih lama dari proses membeli? Serius! Punyalah nak berikan yang terbaik khusus buat anak tersayang.

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Heard of Four Cow Farm? I did, about a year ago or so if I remembered correctly. But first, there are so many organic baby care and skincare players - both international and locally handcrafted - in the market. I have always been wondering how do we as mothers make our choices regarding which brand or range to buy for our kids and family?

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Joy 'N' Escapade

When i was growing up, i never really thought much about skin care, chemicals, textures and such. All i ever care about was smelling good after applying my lotions/creams. The day changed when my kids came into this world. And boy~ everyday is a learning experience and skincare is most certainly one of it.

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I'd been delighted when I'm given the opportunity to review Four Cow Farm products. In fact I was told by Delphinia from Four Cow Farm that I'm actually the first from Malaysia to review their products. I'm really, really honoured. 
So what is Four Cow Farm?

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Shu-Yin's Sanctuary