Frequently Asked Questions


Product Differentiation

The difference between Calendula Remedy & Tea Tree Remedy

Our Calendula Remedy made from our handworked organic calendula-infused Australian grown extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil. Your go to balm for dry, damaged areas. Perfect for Sensitive, Dry Skin, Lips & Nursing Nipples. Place in refrigerator for More Relief.

Our Tea Tree Remedy made from rich blend of macadamia & castor oils (The richest oils for protecting the skin & closest to the skin’s own Sebum), infused with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal organic tea tree oil. Extremely soothing barrier balm. Great for Bites, Rashes, Scrapes, Cold Sores, Cuts and Bruises.

The difference of our Castile Washes

Each of our Castile washes was created to address a specific need and so the organic extracts we use in each wash are tailored to meet very different skin requirements:

1. Our Baby Wash uses organic echinacea extract which is excellent on thin and fragile skin as it has wonderful protective qualities. Perfect for newborns and babies, but also for skin that’s become damaged through other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

2. Our Mother’s Wash uses organic pomegranate extract which has some of the most potent antioxidants perfect for helping to restore and revitalize skin that’s stressed or tired or stretched. Perfect for mums going through pre-and post-natal skin changes, and also for older skin that needs that extra pick-me-up. It's also food-grade and nursing-safe.

3. Our Traditional Castile Wash uses organic roman chamomile essential oil which has soothing and anti-bacterial qualities excellent for skin subject to those daily little scrapes and cuts. So perfect on young children and adults alike as a wonderful daily wash and shampoo.

4. Our Calendula Castile Wash uses organic calendula extract, which is the best natural soother for skin experiencing eczema or extreme dryness. We recommend this for anyone at any age that is currently experiencing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis or has extra sensitive skin.

The difference between Gotu-Kola and Calendula Salve & Calendula Concentrate

Our Gotu-Kola & Calendula Rich Cream Salve with the benefits of two powerfully soothing herbs in one. It made as a rich lotion and excellent at soothing and protecting all types of dry, sensitive and fragile skin such as skin affected by eczema, psoriasis, sunburn or chronic dryness.

Our Calendula Concentrate is a potent, concentrated serum handcrafted from organic calendula petals, infused in pure extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil, with the added rejuvenating properties of natural Vitamin E and olive squalene. Perfect for hydrating, calming and soothing to the most dry, sensitive and fragile skin, joints and muscle aches, this concentrate packs a powerful skin-soothing punch!

The difference between Baby Lotion & Calendula and Camelia Lotion

Our Baby Lotion is a blend of sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, both of which are known to be light and nourishing and able to sink gently into the skin. It's a skincare staple for so many little ones.

Our Calendula and Camelia Face & Body Lotion is a lighter, nut-free, uncomplicated, protective and moisturising lotion that provides daily care, this is the perfect addition to your skincare regimen. It's an essential daily moisturiser for all ages and skin-types.

The difference between Mother's Daily Rich Cream Salve & Mother's Intensive Restorative Oil

Our Mother's Rich Cream Salve is the perfect rich day or night cream containing organic camellia, olive and rosehip oils with soothing organic white tea extract. Excellent for older skin or skin requiring rejuvenating.

Our Mother's Intensive Restorative Oil is a rich, power-packed trio of organic rosehip, camellia and olive squalene with the added boost of revitalising organic rosemary extract. Excellent for extremely thin, or olden skin requiring a big rejuvenating boost.

They were work together - Use our Mother's Salve as a base, and our Mother's Oil as a booster or serum. On particularly stretched or stressed areas, use our Mother's Oil on its own. Delicate enough to use on the neck and eye area, this power duo brings back softness and brightness to the skin wherever it's used.


Recommendation for Different Skin-types

Extremely & Chronically Dry Skin (Moisturisers)

Our Gotu-Kola & Calendula Salve would be suggested, followed by Calendula Concentrate. Apply small amounts regularly throughout the day and reduce application as skin begins to find its balance. Continue using the salve if skin continues to exhibit chronic dryness or switch to less rich moisturizer if skin has begun maintain its own moisture levels.

Tired, Aging or Stressed skin (Moisturisers)

Tired, Aging or Stressed skin loses moisture easily and is prone to lines and discoloration.

We recommend our Mother's Daily Rich Cream Salve, followed by Mother's Intensive Restorative Oil gently patted into areas in need of more rejuvenation. Applied at least twice a day.

Slightly Dry Skin (Moisturisers)

Our Calendula & Camelia Lotion would be recommended, followed by Calendula Remedy which creates a moisturizing and protective barrier. Regular application is key to keep the skin protected.

Normal Skin (Moisturisers)

Our Calendula & Camelia Lotion is combination of calendula and camellia herbs and oils makes it the perfect daily defense moisturizer for skin that doesn't require too much but needs good daily protection and moisturize.


Our Mother’s Intensive Restorative Oil is a blend of two powerhouse antioxidant organic oils; organic rosehip and organic camellia, both of which have been used since antiquity for their incredible beautifying properties.

It originally created to soothe and rejuvenate skin affected by stretchmarks, early on, during and after pregnancy, this incredible elixir contains everything that stressed, stretched or tired skin needs to feel rejuvenated, plumped up and glowing.

Nappy Rash

Our Tea Tree Remedy will be recommended for nappy rash. It's a rich blend of macadamia & castor oils, infused with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal organic Tea tree oil.

For prevention or a slightly nappy rash, our Nappy Cream will be the best. It's the gentlest daily-use protective cream using extra virgin cold-pressed sunflower seed & castor oils. Perfect for protecting and moisturising baby’s most sensitive area.

Nursing Nipple & Dry Lips

Our Calendula Remedy can be applied on Dry Lips & Nursing Nipples. It is made of 100% natural and food-grade ingredients. It's safe if digested.