Newborn Skincare Essentials


Newborn skin is tender and fragile. Its translucence is a sign of how incredibly thin it is, and having been submerged in amniotic fluid for months, being exposed to the air means it needs to learn to adjust to a completely new environment.

Unfortunately baby skincare is often chosen because of how it smells or what it looks like. Yet, fragrance is constituted of hundreds of chemicals and unsurprisingly is the number one cause of skin allergies. Artificial detergent ingredients - what most baby washes use - strip fragile newborn skin of its natural sebum. In addition, the fillers and thick oils such as mineral or coconut or palm used in many baby skincare brands to create a ‘creamy’ texture don’t actually do baby skin any good being far too harsh.

What baby skin truly needs is the simple skincare, using light, natural oils which nourish and protect the skin whilst helping it to learn to adapt to its new environment. Our baby range was designed to be the perfect start for newborn skin, using only light, natural oils suited to baby skin, and a minimum of ingredients, selected to be beneficial and necessary.

Our Baby Range consists of four staple products:

1: Baby Wash - Handmade from extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, with only four ingredients, no fragrances, fillers or preservatives.

2: Baby Lotion - A blend of sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, both of which are known to be light and nourishing and able to sink gently into the skin.

3: Nappy Cream - A light cream made from sunflower seed oil and a small amount of zinc oxide, perfect for protecting baby’s most sensitive skin.

4: Baby Oil - A trio of sweet almond and apricot kernel with the addition of rich macadamia oil, perfect for massages and cradle cap.

All our oils are extra virgin cold-pressed, grown and pressed locally in Australia. The water used in our lotions and creams is purified mountain rainwater collected on our farm, with no chemical additives or purifiers. Australian-grown and Australian-made baby skincare made with the lightest touch for fragile skin. 

From all of us at Four Cow Farm Malaysia


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