Which wash is right for you?

Is the wash for baby or the whole family? Do you have particularly sensitive skin or are you breast feeding? Here's our quick guide on choosing the right Four Cow Farm wash:

It all started with our Baby Wash! It was the very first traditional Castile wash Nanna made by hand, for her own grandchildren and since then, our family of washes has grown to literally cover every stage of life.

The four Castile washes in our range are all handmade right on our farm (with giant paddles and lots of stirring!); they all use the finest Australian-grown extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil; each one contains only mountain rainwater collected and purified on our farm; and each one still contains only four basic ingredients - simple and nothing unnecessary.

We know it can be confusing choosing the right wash so what’s the difference? Unlike many other brands, we don’t add to our range just to take up more shelf space, so we don’t simply add fragrances to create a new wash (strawberry scented or lavender flavoured anyone? No thanks!).

Each of our Castile washes was created to address a specific need and so the organic extracts we use in each wash are tailored to meet very different skin requirements:

  1. Our Baby Wash uses organic echinacea extract which is excellent on thin and fragile skin as it has wonderful protective qualities. Perfect for newborns and babies, but also for skin that’s become damaged through other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  2. Our Mother’s Wash uses organic pomegranate extract which has some of the most potent antioxidants perfect for helping to restore and revitalise skin that’s stressed or tired or stretched. Perfect for mums going through pre- and post-natal skin changes, and also for older skin that needs that extra pick-me-up. It's also food-grade and nursing-safe.
  3. Our Traditional Castile Wash uses organic roman chamomile essential oil which has soothing and anti-bacterial qualities excellent for skin subject to those daily little scrapes and cuts. So perfect on young children and adults alike as a wonderful daily wash and shampoo.
  4. Our Calendula Castile Wash uses organic calendula extract, which is the best natural soother for skin experiencing eczema or extreme dryness. We recommend this for anyone at any age that is currently experiencing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis or has extra sensitive skin.

All the extracts we use are premium food-grade and perfectly safe and all our washes can be used on both scalp or skin - they are wonderful on hair and are the perfect natural conditioners being extra nourishing and mosturising.

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