The best way to use a skincare oil


Many of us are using skincare oils on the skin for extra protection against the harsh weather. Oils are a wonderful addition to pretty much any skincare routine - and especially on skin that is dry, sensitive or affected by conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. But do you know the best way of using them?

The best way of using a skincare oil is actually using it as an additional product on top of your current moisturiser (which we hope is an all-natural, gentle one!). Why? The main purpose of lotions and creams is hydration and they are designed to sink deeper into the skin to do so. Their high moisture content makes it easier for them to do so immediately. In addition, they can also contain other ingredients which help the skin renew itself.

The main benefit of skincare oils on the other hand is protective and nourishing. They are designed as skin conditioners which nourish the upper layers of the skin, helping reduce the loss of moisture, replenish the skin’s own sebum and also deliver other specific skin benefits (for eg, reducing redness, enhancing skin renewal or calming the skin).

If you are only using a skincare oil, why not try adding a moisturising lotion or cream to your regimen? A few drops of oil is all that’s needed when you’re already using a base moisturiser. For a lovely facial moisturiser, try our Mother’s All-Natural Daily Rich Cream Salve; the latter also makes a wonderful all-over body lotion.

And if you’re only using a lotion or cream, why not try adding a skincare oil to your regimen? A few drops patted into the skin twice a day can add other benefits to your skincare regime and replenish your skin’s needs more completely. Try our Mother’s All-Natural Intensive Restorative Oil if your main aim is renewal and rejuvenation or our Calendula Concentrate if your main aim is calming and nourishing the skin.

Whatever you use, ensure it is simple, safe and effective. Remember, your skin’s a living thing and needs to be treated with the same care and gentleness as every other part of your body. Create the right skincare regimen and your skin will thank you and it will show!

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