Avoid These Eczema Triggers

It's well known that atopic eczema is often triggered by allergens in the environment (dust mites, certain fibres, pollen, mold) and in the diet (dairy, shellfish, eggs, nuts). But if you have atopic eczema or know someone who does, you might have noticed that there are other strange triggers of the itch-scratch cycle.

Here are 4 lesser-known ones commonly experienced :

1: Evenings

Have you noticed that your little one’s eczema seems to flare up in the evening? No one quite knows why but it might be because our body temperatures naturally rise at night, or because there’s a change in air temperature and humidity. A good reminder to keep skin moisturised and ready for that potential trigger!

2: Seasonal changes

As above, the change in temperature (from hot to cold or vice versa) and humidity levels can often stress eczema-prone skin which is already struggling to soothe itself. The switch from one season to another is another time to be extra careful about skincare for those with dry and sensitive skin.

3: Emotions

As you get older, it’s often less the physical which triggers an itch-scratch cycle, and more the emotional. So stress and anxiety can sometimes trigger eczema in older children or adults. Add to that the hormonal changes of puberty and this can be a challenging time for managing eczema.

4: Illness

When the body’s struggling against an infection or in poor health, that can often trigger an outbreak of eczema. So illness can often lead to an outbreak for those who already have underlying dry and sensitive skin conditions. Keeping the skin especially well-looked after at those times is oh-so-important.

The one thing most can agree on is that moisturising the skin helps keep eczema at bay, and helps reduce the triggering of it. Since eczema-prone skin has trouble producing enough of its own sebum, keeping it moisturised is one of the most important preventive strategies available.

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