The Four Cow Farm ‘No’ List


Avoid This Stuff In ANY Skincare!

1. No parabens (methyl-/butyl-/ethyl-/propyl-paraben)
Linked to lowered reproductive functions and malignant cell growth

2. No propylene glycol
Linked to increased risk of respiratory and immune disorders in children

3. No sulphates (including sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate)
A known irritant, extremely harsh and linked to eye/corneal damage

4. No cocamidopropyl betaine
Linked to allergic reactions and skin sensitivities, a foam-boosting ingredient

5. No artificial or unnecessary fragrances
Most common source of irritants, phthalates, skin sensitisers and toxins

6. No artificial colours
Some are known carcinogens, causes of skin sensitivity and irritation

7. No synthetic detergents (eg, cocamide DEA/MEA)
Skin irritants, may contain carcinogens from the manufacturing process

8. No petrochemicals (eg, petrolatum, polysorbates, PEG)
Potential role as carcinogens, concern over long-term effects on the skin

9. No mineral oils (a.k.a. paraffinum liquidum)
Toxic if ingested, also a skin irritant and allergen with links to cancer

10. No lanolin
Liable to be toxic if ingested, often adulterated with pesticides and fertilisers

11. No chlorinated water
A skin irritant, linked to skin dryness and aging

12. No phthalates (often found in fragrances)
Linked to developmental and reproductive abnormalities as well as allergies