Four Cow Farm’s Guide to Skincare for Mothers & Mothers-To-Be


As most mums know, your skin goes through quite a bit as it prepares for your growing bub, and deals with the aftermath! Hormonal changes often mean it can be a lot more sensitive (to protect both you and your little one) but that also means it can be more prone to eczema or acne. Those hormonal changes can also create darker patches and lines, as well as spider veins, all of which are usually temporary (thank goodness!).


On top of all that, the skin is our largest organ and can absorb lots of the usual dyes, fragrances and chemicals in most skincare. Something most mums want to avoid for both themselves and their little
ones! So where do you start?


Our Top Three Tips for Mums

1. First off, the absolute no-nos. Acne treatments with Vitamin A, hair dyes containing ammonia, nail polishes (toluene, formaldehyde and DBP), skin lightening creams or peels which contain salicylic acid, BHA or hydroquinone. These can all seriously affect pregnant mums and the little ones they’re
carrying, so avoid at all costs.


2. Next off, avoid fragrances (especially synthetic ones, which are a big source of phthalates, a class of chemicals which is now under a lot of scrutinies for its effects on how children develop) and strong essential oils. Though natural, the wrong essential oils can trigger a whole host of unintended side effects in pregnant mums as they were, after all, originally meant for medicinal use!

3. Lastly, get to know a product’s ingredients! Harsh preservatives (such as parabens, benzyl alcohol, methylchloroisothiazolinone or phenoxyethanol), strong detergent ingredients (such as cocamidopropyl betaine or sulphates) and petroleum ingredients (such as mineral oil and propylene glycol) can wreak havoc on sensitive pregnant skin. If in doubt, do your research!


Our Mother’s All-Natural Range


Mother’s All-Natural Castile Hair & Body Wash
A handmade 100% extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil wash, infused with organic pomegranate extract, with no preservatives or fragrances. Perfect for gently soothing stressed hair and skin.


Mother’s All-Natural Daily Rich Cream Salve
A nourishing trio of extra virgin cold-pressed organic rosehip, camellia and olive oils. Excellent as an all-natural daily salve for stressed, stretching or tired skin on the face or body.


Mother’s All-Natural Intensive Restorative Oil
A rich and luxurious oil booster serum made with extra virgin cold-pressed organic rosehip and camellia oils fortified with olive squalane and natural vitamin E. Best used in conjunction with our Mother’s Salve.


Founded by a former midwife and grandmother, our family-owned business – situated in the lush Blackall Range Mountains of Queensland, Australia (our view above!) – began as a maker of the finest quality baby creams and balms using only the purest, natural ingredients and nothing else.

Our traditionally handcrafted range continues to be made on the farm to this day and has since grown to include a small range of carefully created products for mothers, mothers-to-be and the family.