How To Care for Natural Skincare

Our handcrafted, all-natural skincare is very special. Like good wine the natural ingredients that give our skincare it's amazing qualities benefit greatly by the way they are handled and stored. A few simple tips on how to look after our skincare can go a long way to maintaining the efficacy of their ingredients and extending their shelf life. 

1. Clean hands and fingers are a must when handling.

2. Keep the lid or cap tightly closed when not in use. As it’s filled with only natural ingredients, keeping contaminants out will greatly extend our skincare's life.

3. Heat or direct sunlight can damage natural ingredients and shorten shelf life. A cool place away from the sun is where they’re happiest :) Try not to leave them by a sunny window, in a hot room or in a hot car. Just like food, keeping our skincare refrigerated will keep them fresh for longer and extend their life.

4. As much as possible, keep your product’s container clean and moisture-free, as that reduces the chance of introducing contaminants many of which love natural ingredients! Wipe your container dry with a clean tissue if it gets dirty or moist.

5. Our natural skincare will serve you long and well if well cared for. Like unprocessed food and all truly natural products, your eyes and nose will tell you when it’s time to replace it!

If you have any questions or have a specific skin care requirement, please reach out to us at , we’d love to help!

We hope you enjoy our range as much as we enjoyed making them!


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