Why you need to protect your sebum

We all know that our skin secretes sebum. For those of us with eczema, too little of it. For those of us with acne, too much. Sebum contains all sorts of amazing substances which help fight bacteria, infection and anything harmful that could threaten to enter our bodies. It also lubricates our skin without which we literally wouldn’t be able to move, and every day would be a bad hair day :( It does this non-stop, for our entire lives! So how much of this magical substance does the skin secrete daily?

Take a guess. A litre? A cup? 

To keep our skin and hair looking great and feeling great, an adult produces less than one tablespoon of sebum every day, that’s over 24 hours for one whole human body! Isn’t that amazing? 

Which is why the majority of mainstream washes, cleansers and soaps which use the usual detergent-based cleansing ingredients are way too harsh for our skin and hair. Instead of a gentle loving wash, our skin and scalp get a harsh, highly perfumed, foamy barrage! That potent combination of harsh cleansing ingredients and strong fragrance contain the two most irritating ingredients you can place on the skin. And if that irritates adult skin, can you imagine what it does to newborn or our little ones’ skin? Not to mention those with eczema, chronic dry skin or other skin conditions.

So do your skin a favour and love it, pamper it, and let it breathe. Skip those harsh, perfumed shampoos and washes and avoid fragranced and synthetic lotions.

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