Where does your skincare go?

We’re very lucky to be located in a particularly beautiful part of the world. We have wonderful valleys and rich pasture which surround Four Cow Farm, but that also makes us mindful of how important it is to make products which don’t damage the environment when they leave our farm. 
Have you ever thought about where your shampoo, soap or lotion goes when it goes down the drain? We do! Most of our ‘grey’ water from the production of our skincare goes into our paddocks, which is why every ingredient used in our range is chosen very carefully - ie we can’t have that grey water affecting the animals that graze on our land. So it’s an interesting benefit that, because we are on a farm, we have an added need to take extra care in making sure there is nothing harmful in our skincare.
It’s now well known that chemicals in commercial skincare have an adverse effect on the environment. There’s the run-off from fragrance ingredients in skincare causing disturbing changes in the fish in rivers andsunscreen chemicals causing damage to our ocean reefs that is well researched. All of this from the build-up of millions of products being used and washed out into our ocean systems.
So, when you next use your wash or put on your lotion, spare a thought about where that goes after it’s left you and perhaps do your bit for the environment by choosing only all-natural, chemical free skincare.
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