When natural isn't natural enough


Lots of skincare brands purport to be ‘natural’, or so they claim. How do you compare one from the other? One of the biggest ways to tell is in the quality of the natural ingredients used. 

Many skincare products boast about the oils they use - whether it’s coconut, olive, almond or others - and these oils do come from natural sources - but, what many people don’t know is that a major difference in the quality - and price - of the oils is determined by what happens to the fruit or nut after it’s picked.

Most cosmetic oils - even certified organic ones - are refined. That means treated with heat or chemicals to increase the amount of oil extracted from the fruit, remove their smell, change their texture or affect their colour. Refining an oil extends its shelf-life and also allows manufacturers to then add fragrance and colour to the product. But the refining process also means removing many of the antioxidants and nutrients which make the oil special in the first place! In contrast, extra-virgin cold-pressed oils are the purest, highest quality of oils, pressed without heat and with all the beneficial properties of the fruit. For example, one study found that extra virgin olive oil showed a protective ability from the sun’s rays, whilst normal olive oil didn’t!

Each and every oil used in our skincare is extra-virgin and cold-pressed, the very highest quality available. 

That’s also why we don’t add fragrances to our products - the aroma of the oils we use are unadulterated and in our opinion a scent that can’t be improved on :) We think many of the farmers that supply our oils would agree, including most of our customers! 

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