The wonders of Camellia Oil

Camellia is an amazing plant which is one of the longest-lived and hardiest known. In Japan and China, the oldest living camellias are still flowering despite being over 500 years old, and it’s not uncommon to find camellias over a hundred years old (the oldest in Australia was planted in 1831!). With amazing regenerative qualities, it isn’t surprising that in many parts of Asia its seeds are prized and have been used by the legendary geishas of Japan for centuries.

Today, we know that camellia oil is one of the most quickly skin-absorbed, containing mono-saturated essential fatty acids and being very high in oleic acid (an Omega 9 fatty acid). It also contains vitamins, A, B, and E and one of the most precious renewing ingredients for stressed or tired skin - squalane - which is a vital component of human sebum. It’s also regarded as being a safe oil for all skin-types, including children and pregnant mums. 

Daily stresses from the sun and environment can cause skin to become deficient in renewing itself, resulting in chronic dryness, weakness and premature aging. Camellia oils unique blend of essential fatty acids and lipids makes it one of the most effective oils to use on skin requiring special care, protection or a daily boost. 

We love organic camellia oil (can’t you tell?) - and not just because it grows beautifully in Nanna’s garden at Four Cow Farm, it’s because it’s one of the best therapeutic skincare oils out there. Below are the products in our range where we’ve used organic camellia oil for these incredible qualities:

We’re certain the addition of camellia oil to your skincare regimen will work wonders and as always please contact us if you need any skincare advice - we’d love to help. 
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