The Ultimate Stress Relief for Tired Skin

Our Mother’s Intensive Restorative Oil is one of our favourite serums and we’re using it even more than ever at the moment to soothe away those stress lines and tired skin. 

Created by Nanna as a rejuvenating skin booster for skin going through stress, its silky texture blends straight into the skin. It blends two powerhouse antioxidant organic oils; organic rosehip and organic camellia, both of which have been used since antiquity for their incredible beautifying properties.

Rosehip and camellia oils contain extremely high levels of fatty acids and vitamins, add to this the skin boosting effects of olive squalane (which mimics the skin’s own sebum) and all-natural non-GMO vitamin E (so many other skincare brands use the synthetic version) and you have something very special indeed.

This incredible elixir contains everything that stressed, stretched or tired skin needs to feel rejuvenated, plumped up and glowing. Besides pregnancy skin, it works fabulously for:

  1. Fine wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Just dab a little carefully to the affected areas, be sure to use it twice a day, every day.
  2. Dry, tired, mature skin, especially around the face and neck. Just apply a small amount with gentle upward strokes. 
  3. Dehydrated and sun-damaged hands. Apply a small amount twice a day, massaging into every nook and cranny. 
  4. All-over glowing goodness! All you need is a small amount, warmed in the palm of your hands (or added to your existing moisturiser) and applied gently in an upwards and circular motion wherever you need an extra boost.

If you haven’t already tried our Mother’s Intensive Restorative Oil now’s the chance! Use the code below and get 20% off - we know you’ll be amazed.


*offer ends Monday 20th June, 2020, 11:59pm


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