The one thing you need to avoid in a Wash

What’s the one thing you really want to avoid in a wash? We’ve become so used to this that we don’t give it a second thought when it shows up in popular brands of wash we use. But, the one thing you really shouldn’t see in a wash that you use on your skin is... foam. Yes, might sound strange or almost alarmist but there’s good reason to avoid washes that foam - here’s why...

Firstly, what is foam actually? It’s excess surfactant (i.e. the cleansing element of the wash or soap) which goes around air rather than dirt, grime or sebum. So when you use a wash that generates lots of foam, what you’re seeing is what’s NOT being used by your skin. And that excess cleansing action is what makes a wash overly harsh or stripping to the skin. Think laundry detergents, dishwashing liquid or car shampoos - any cleanser that generates a ton of foam is designed to strip dirt and grime from surfaces. Effective though they are, they are most certainly not healthy for the skin!

So when it comes to washes, we always say ‘go by feel, not foam’. If you’ve tried our Castile washes you can immediately feel it’s effects on your skin - you don’t need foam to tell you that it’s doing its job. A luxurious blend of extra virgin oils and traditionally-made soap, our castile washes work gently, cleansing as they should without stripping the skin, leaving it moisturised, clean and healthy. 

So what does this mean for two other famously foamy products we often get asked about?

1: Bubble bath: If you have dry or sensitive skin, we recommend skipping the bubble bath altogether and using a gentle, natural oil or herb in your bath instead. 

2: Foaming pumps: All they’re doing is dispensing the wash in foam form by agitating it with air, so we recommend skipping these when it comes to handwashing as they actually dispense less soap than your hands need to get effectively clean (which is more critical than ever at the moment). If you’re using them for the face or body, check that you are using enough to cleanse your skin - ultimately, regular old-fashioned soap is most certainly better. 

If you haven’t already, we hope you try our pure castile washes and cleaners - you’ll feel the difference immediately.
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