The Highest Concentration of Key Ingredients


At Four Cow Farm it’s part of our ethos that we create safe and honest skincare and this translates to how we describe our products and their key effective ingredients and benefits.

Did you know each of our products is crafted to provide the highest concentration of key effective ingredients? A perfect example is our Calendula Remedy; compared to other brands balms that tend to be hard and firm ours are soft and creamy, why is that? Because we focus on maximising the concentration of key ingredients in our products and therefore the beneficial effects! So, our balms have a low amount of beeswax and the maximum possible active oil content (in our Calendula Remedy it’s organic calendula-petal infused extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil) which contains the healing and protective qualities of calendula.

Be wary of skincare products that boldly say ‘with xxx’ or ‘with organic etc etc’ - using a tiny amount of something that sounds impressive is the oldest marketing trick in the book :( Unfortunately most commercial skincare out there is chock full of fillers and texturisers that reduce the key ingredients (if any) to trace amounts (read low cost) with low to no beneficial effects.

Remember, always contact the manufacturer of your skincare if you’re unsure about whether what they are promoting is actually at a level that will be beneficial. If you ever have any questions about skincare or special requirements you can always contact us at, we'd love to help!

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