The hidden dangers in essential oils

Most natural skincare products use natural extracts or essential oils. But did you know that there might be more lurking in natural extracts or essential oils than you realise?

What you may not know is that other than the herb or flower essence, most extracts and some essential oils also contain preservatives. And guess what? Skincare manufacturers who use them don’t have to declare those preservatives in the ingredients listing. It’s a well known secret in the skincare industry and one reason why some manufacturers add lots of extracts and essential oils to their product as it then removes the need to add separate (and therefore the need to list) preservatives. And since preservatives are the second most common trigger of allergic reactions in skincare, this often means customers experiencing allergic reactions to what they think are completely natural products. 

At Four Cow Farm, we use only certified organic essential oils and extracts or premium food-grade extracts, or we infuse the herbs and flowers ourselves (such as for our Calendula products). So we know exactly what goes into our ingredients and can be certain that they are safe and up to the highest organic standards, using only natural preservatives. And if these essential oils or extracts do contain any preservatives, they are always declared in our ingredients listing.

From all of us at Four Cow Farm Malaysia
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