Over-sanitised hands? Try this!


We know everyone’s making an effort to keep their hands clean when they’re out and about by sanitising carefully and regularly. But, as hand sanitiser is at least 60% alcohol or more, it can be horribly damaging on normal skin, and even more so on skin that’s already dry and sensitive or affected by eczema. 

It’s the alcohol content in hand sanitiser that kills germs but it’s also the alcohol that strips your skin of its protective layer of sebum and oils. The good news is we’ve got just the thing for it - and the bonus is, this one simple step will improve your skin’s ability to repel viruses and bacteria. 

That crucial step? Moisturising your hands with a nourishing natural hand cream, balm or lotion immediately after using hand sanitiser. However, make sure to steer clear of moisturisers with added fragrances, synthetic oils, dyes/colours or heavy preservatives as those irritate the skin when used regularly.

Keeping skin well moisturised is important as soap and sanitisers don’t work as well on skin that is broken or raw (and people are more reluctant to use them due to the discomfort they’re in). Cracked, dry or bleeding hands are also susceptible to infection - so keep your moisturiser handy and make sure to use it only with clean hands. 

Another tip if you’re in a work setting - don’t let others handle your moisturiser. As we all know, viruses and bacteria can be spread by contact, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t share though, just make sure you’re the one that’s handling the bottle :) 

Here’s our list of our favourite moisturisers for dry, cracked or over-sanitised hands:

Our Gotu Kola & Calendula Salve - more intensive - for cracked, dry, peeling skin.

Our Calendula Remedy - for cut, very cracked, exposed skin.

From all of us at Four Cow Farm Malaysia
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