Don't Be Fooled by Skincare Oil Hype: Quality Matters

Have you noticed the variety of plant and vegetable oils used in skincare products these days? From olive to rosehip, coconut, soybean, and even palm, there seems to be an endless range of oils available. However, it's crucial to consider the quality of the oils being used in these products.

Sure, these oils are marketed as having amazing benefits for your skin, but have you ever wondered about the process used to extract them? Most commercial oils, both for skincare and food, undergo a combination of high heat, centrifuges, and chemical solvents to extract them. Then, they're refined with various chemical filters and additives to extend their shelf life and make them more palatable. Unfortunately, all this processing destroys many of the natural nourishing properties and benefits of the fruits or nuts.

There are traditional ways of processing oils, but these methods are becoming less popular since they're slower and more expensive. At Four Cow Farm, we use a traditional cold-pressing method to derive our oils. This process involves mashing the fruit and then slowly pressing it in a machine to avoid creating additional heat. As a result, the oil retains as much of the original benefits of the fruit or nut as possible.

Have you ever wondered about the difference between an extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil and a regular one? The former has a lovely green color and a sharp fragrance of fresh olives, while the latter has a distinct yellow color and no smell. Unfortunately, most oils used in commercial skincare are degraded since the best extra virgin organic oils are sold to the food industry

That's why Four Cow Farm sources only food-grade extra virgin cold-pressed oils from the best growers in Australia and we don't add any additives or fragrances that could mask the natural ingredients' authentic nature.

So, next time you see skincare and cosmetic products with amazing oils, make sure to double-check the quality of the oils used. If they're extra virgin cold-pressed, they should be clearly labeled as such. Otherwise, the benefits of these oils may be minimal.

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