Choosing the best facial moisturiser for YOU


We have an amazing range of natural moisturisers and people often write to ask us which we would recommend for facial skin as, unusually for a skincare brand, we don’t market our moisturisers as being for a particular part of your body. We don’t have face or neck or hand moisturisers. Why not? Because we believe that understanding your skin’s condition and matching it with the right natural ingredients is key - not all facial skin is the same, so what makes a facial moisturiser work for one person might not make it work for another.

The other important skincare philosophy, which drives every product that we make, is the belief that each should be good enough to be used anywhere on the body. Why should any part of the body be treated as if it’s less important than another? :) 

So, when selecting from our range of lotions and moisturisers, always start first with the condition of your skin. Get to know it well and it’ll reward you when you select the skincare it needs. 

1. Tired, aging or stressed skin which loses moisture easily and is prone to lines and discolouration - Mother’s All-Natural Daily Rich Cream Salve, followed by Mother’s Intensive Restorative Oil gently patted into areas in need of more rejuvenation. Applied at least twice a day. 

2. Scaly skin prone to flaking and dead skin patches - Gotu Kola & Calendula Salve massaged into the affected area, followed by Calendula Remedy. Apply regularly throughout the day in the first week before reducing regularity when skin has resumed normal appearance.

3. Extremely, chronically dry skin which seems to ‘drink in’ moisturisers without retaining moisture - Gotu Kola & Calendula Salve followed by Calendula Concentrate. Apply small amounts regularly throughout the day and reduce application as skin begins to find its balance. Continue using the salve if skin continues to exhibit chronic dryness, or switch to a less rich moisturiser if skin has begun maintaining its own moisture levels. 

4. Thin, aging, ‘papery’ skin which is slightly dry - Calendula & Camellia Lotion, followed by Calendula Remedy (which creates a moisturising and protective barrier). Regular application is key to keep the skin protected and less prone to cuts and infection. 

5. Mixed combination skin which is sometimes prone to breakouts - Calendula & Camellia Lotion or Baby Lotion (it’s not just for babies - it’s combination of Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernel oils is perfect for skin that is adjusting to the environment). Apply small amounts at the start of the day and at the end. 

6. Normal skin (with slight concerns of sun exposure or environmental pollution) - lucky you! Calendula & Camellia Lotion - it’s combination of calendula and camellia herbs and oils makes it the perfect daily defense moisturiser for skin that doesn’t require too much but needs good daily protection and moisturise. 

For localised reactions (a patch of dry skin, an allergy to a skincare product), we recommend our Calendula Remedy or Calendula Concentrate and, as the condition improves, introducing one of our moisturisers depending on the underlying condition of the skin. 

All our moisturisers are carefully formulated and their ingredients specially picked to ensure that they do the very best they can for your skin. Your skin is the largest living organ you have, so always ensure you give it the full attention it deserves!

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