Calendula, the miracle skin healer

Calendula is one of the most powerful natural healing herbs known. Used since antiquity, it was popular as an aid in wound healing well before modern medicines were developed! Recent studies have shown that Calendula helps heal a variety of skin ailments from ulcers to radiation-induced eczema. How it works to reduce inflammation and heal wounds is still being studied by scientists but its efficacy may have something to do with its ability to increase blood flow to the site of a wound.

At Four Cow Farm we love Calendula so much that Nanna grows it in her garden, and several of our most popular products contain Calendula as an active ingredient. All our Calendula products are handmade with our own organic Calendula-infused olive oil. So what makes our Calendula range so special?

1: We use only the petals of the Calendula flower, which is the part of the plant that contains the greatest concentration of benefits. Unlike other brands, we don’t use the whole flower, only the petals!

2: We hand-infuse our Calendula oil ourselves - no extracts, no alcohol, no base creams, no purchased add-ons! It’s done by hand, over a low temperature for weeks so that we extract all the benefits without sacrificing through heat, chemical or physical agitation.

3: When making our Calendula products, we keep the entire manufacturing process at a very low temperature, again so as not to damage any of the amazing healing benefits of this magical herb.

The end results are products that truly work to help soothe and heal damaged skin, exactly what Nanna intended when she created them for her grandchildren. Perfect for sensitive and dry skin and lips, skin suffering from chronic inflammation or damaged skin needing urgent soothing and repair. Have you added Calendula to your skincare?


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