Are You Using the Right Moisturiser for Your Skin?

Moisturisers play a key role in keeping moisture in the skin and keeping it hydrated. The right moisturiser will soothe and protect the skin, enhancing our skin’s natural ability to renew and protect itself. 

The wrong moisturiser, on the other hand, can affect the skin’s ability to function properly. Since we use moisturisers every day, selecting the right one is one of the most important choices we’ll make in keeping our skin happy, healthy and glowing. Do you know how your moisturiser works and if it’s right for you? 

Moisturisers use ingredients which fall into three key groups;

Humectant ingredients work by attracting water to the skin and keeping it on the skin. Many mainstream moisturisers use propylene glycol, a petroleum byproduct whilst at Four Cow Farm we use natural vegetable glycerin. The right amount is key as too much can make a moisturiser feel sticky and uncomfortable, and interfere with the skin’s ability to moisturise itself, which is a very important part of its ability to heal and renew. 

Occlusive ingredients increase moisture levels by providing a physical barrier on the skin which prevents water loss. The most commonly used occlusive ingredients are synthetic, such as petrolatum and silicones. We use richer natural vegetable oils such as castor and macadamia oils, as well as beeswax in our range, and only in the right amounts as too many occlusive ingredients can interfere with the skin’s ability to ‘breathe’ and interact with its environment.

Emollient ingredients are what we commonly think of as the main function of moisturisers. They improve the appearance of the skin by filling the spaces between skin cells, moisturising the upper layer of the skin and smoothing flaky skin cells. The most commonly used emollient ingredient in moisturisers is mineral oil, another byproduct of crude oil. We use light natural vegetable oils such as olive, almond, camellia & rosehip. 

Selecting the right blend of moisturising ingredients can increase the rate at which the skin repairs and renews itself which is why at Four Cow Farm, we take not just the selection of natural oils, but the right natural oils in the right blends very seriously. 

Every moisturiser at Four Cow Farm is designed for a specific set of skin conditions. From our richest designed to pamper and nourish extremely dry skin (such as our Calendula Concentrate, Remedies, Gotu Kola & Calendula Rich Cream Salve and Mother’s Intensive Restorative Oil) to those designed to plump up skin lacking nourishment (such as our Mother’s Rich Cream Salve and Calendula & Camellia Lotion) to those designed to protect and soothe as gently as possible (our Baby Lotion). If you’re not sure what you should be using, get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram or email ( and we’ll be more than happy to discuss how you can start selecting what’s perfectly right for your skin!

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