An easy DIY scrub you'll love! ☀️

Give your skin a well-deserved refresh with this super easy DIY homemade scrub.

First of all, depending on your sin type, select the scrub that's most appropriate:

1: For very sensitive, dry skins, an oat scrub is your best bet (blend them beforehand - the more sensitive your skin, the finer you should grind them). 

2: Slightly sensitive skins would do best with fine sugar. 

3: Salt and coffee scrubs are best for normal or slightly oily skins or for non-sensitive areas of the body (such as the heels or elbows) as they’re the roughest on the skin. 

Next, choose a great natural oil. We recommend our all-natural Baby Oil which contains a wonderful blend of macadamia, apricot kernel and sweet almond oils - perfectly nourishing and absolutely amazing on the skin, without being overly rich and cloying. In a pinch, a good extra virgin cold-pressed Australian-grown olive oil will do as well. 

Place your choice of scrub in a clean jar, and begin pouring in the oil slowly whilst mixing it carefully into the scrub until it reaches the consistency you prefer. Thicker scrubs are best for the body, whilst thinner scrubs are perfect for the face and neck. If you’re using the scrub repeatedly, always use a nice clean spoon to remove the scrub from its jar, and never stick your fingers in! 

Voila! Mixing in one of our Castile washes into your scrub will make the scrub a rinsable one, making it easier to remove after you’re done. 

Application: Always scrub gently, and preferably in circular motions. Never scrub for too long, and always wash off with a gentle soap (if you haven’t mixed in a Castile wash into the scrub), then moisturise well after. 

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