7 amazing things your skin does for you

Here’s seven amazing things you might not realise your skin is doing for you:
  • Adults carry almost 4 kilograms and 2 square metres of it and without it, our insides (which are 60% water) would literally evaporate.
  • The outermost protective layer of the skin harbours special cells which alert the body's immune system to viruses and other infectious agents.
  • When attacked, your skin secretes antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances which prevent infection and heal wounds.
  • It makes Vitamin D, without which our bones wouldn’t be able to absorb enough calcium to keep them healthy and fracture-free.
  • It regulates body temperature through blood flow and sweat, and contains an amazing network of nerves and receptors which allows us to pick up signals from touch, temperature and pain.
  • When skin sweats, besides keeping us cool, it’s ridding the body of waste fluids such as urea and lactate.
  • Sebaceous glands secrete oil-like sebum for lubricating the hair and skin without which we literally wouldn’t be able to move, and without which, every day would be a bad hair day :)
With all the chemicals out there, it’s no wonder that skin problems, from eczema and psoriasis to acne and persistent dryness, are aplenty. Now, instead of slathering our skin in synthetics, dousing it with fragrances, and covering it in make-up, why not give your skin the much-needed break it deserves?
So, pamper your skin with some good old-fashioned clear water and simple, natural skincare, and get it back to it’s natural order. Wouldn’t that be a good New Year’s resolution?
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