3 Things You Need To Know About Mummy-to-Be Skin


Pregnancy skin goes through a lot more than many of us realise. Dark patches, strange lines, itches & rashes, breakouts - pregnancy skin isn't just about that pregnancy glow! 

Your body’s going through an enormous change, and so is your skin. Here are three things you need to know about what pregnancy skin is going through and why you might be experiencing some unexpected skin changes... -

  1. Pregnancy skin is often a lot more reactive and sensitive than usual.  

    Your entire body is gearing up to defend you and your little one against anything in the environment that might be a threat, and your skin is the first line of defence. So skin often becomes a lot more sensitive and reactive. Harsh preservatives, strong fragrances, chemical ingredients can all wreak havoc and some mums find that they begin reacting to products that they never reacted to in the past. Breaking out in rashes, hives and itches can also be much more common than before. 

  2. Pregnancy skin is often oilier than usual. 

    That pregnancy glow comes not just from the increased blood flow in mummy's body but also from the increased sebum production caused by hormonal changes in pregnancy. But it can be too much of a good thing. Some pregnant women find themselves developing spots and acne as the skin goes into overdrive. But now is not the time to start on medicated products, most of which contain extremely irritating ingredients which can trigger worse reactions from the skin. 

  3. Pregnancy skin often feels tight and tender. 

    Your skin has to grow - a lot (!) - and often your skin can’t keep up, which causes the single biggest skin concern most pregnant women have - stretch marks. Although there's no guaranteed way of avoiding them (genetics & how fast your bump grows all play a part), we know that keeping your bump deeply & regularly moisturised helps, especially through those growth spurts. 

It’s one of the most exciting experiences of any mum’s life, and like all things to do with your health, keeping it simple and natural is best. Stay away from complicated products with complex ingredients lists and avoid any ingredient or product that isn’t carefully formulated for pregnancy skin. Reduce the number of products in your beauty arsenal, and choose wisely! 

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