3 easy tips to prevent Nappy Rash!

Most babies will spend at least two years of their lives in a nappy - that’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Whether a cloth or disposable nappy, they’ll be changed multiple times a day and at each change, cleaned and then re-wrapped. It becomes such a ritual that most of us don’t give it a second thought, yet, if we did, we’d realise that we’re dealing with some very fragile skin.

A baby’s nappy area is constantly being exposed to moist, bacteria-laden substances and because it’s thinner than most other areas of the body it’s that much more prone to irritation and infection. And, instead of being treated with gentle care, it’s often exposed to the alcohol and synthetic fragrances commonly found in wet wipes, layered with creams that are loaded with strong fragrances and harsh preservatives, then wrapped up tightly. Is it any surprise nappy rash is something nearly every baby experiences :) ?

So when you next change your little one’s nappy, give his or her fragile skin a break and a breather by -

1: Giving it some air-time. We all need fresh air, especially our skin! Air allows the skin to dry naturally, and to interact with its environment, all important factors in helping fragile skin repair and stay healthy.

2: Stay away from the wet wipes, at least sometimes, and especially if your baby is experiencing nappy rash. All wet wipes contain ingredients which act as preservatives, detergents and fragrances - just the things fragile skin really don’t need! Clean water and towels are all your baby’s skin really needs to be cleaned.

3: Choose natural nappy care products which are truly gentle on the skin. Fragrances, preservatives and thick oils all interfere with the skin’s ability to breathe, especially in the nappy area, which is often wrapped up tightly! So choose a nappy cream that uses light, natural oils and a protective and gentle formula so that it stays on baby’s most fragile skin without harming it.

The main ingredient in Nanna’s handcrafted Nappy Cream is premium extra virgin cold-pressed sunflower seed oil, which has been proven highly effective in preventing infection even in premature baby skin, the most sensitive of skins. With no fragrances and no additives, our completely food-grade, 100% natural Nappy Cream keeps baby’s most fragile skin at its best without exposing it to harmful chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. True to Nanna’s ethos, it’s nothing but the best in our Nappy Cream :)

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