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Calendula is one of our favourite herbs not just because of its long recorded, safe history of use (it's been used since at least ancient Roman times) but also because of its incredible soothing & anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin. Its long recorded reputation as a miracle skin ointment continues to this day.

Today we're excited to launch two wonderful new products that we know you'll love - both created especially for extra-sensitive skin:

Calendula Concentrate: Think Calendula Remedy with a serious boost! A potent, concentrated serum handcrafted from certified organic calendula petals, gently infused over weeks in pure extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil, with the added rejuvenating properties of natural Vitamin E and olive squalane. This concentrate was made to repair fragile, damaged skin and soothe joint and muscles aches. It's wonderful in aiding post-operative skin recovery and combating inflammatory skin conditions.

Calendula Wash: Our much loved 100% pure castile soap, made from only 100% extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil has been mixed with certified organic calendula extract combining the incredibly moisturising properties of our castile wash with all the skin-soothing and healing benefits of calendula. Could you imagine a more perfect combination?

As with all our skincare, Nanna's new Calendula Wash and Calendula Concentrate are handcrafted right on our family farm using only the finest hand-infused oils and premium food-grade extracts.

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